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Contractual Partners

From this section it is possible to access to a description of each contractual partner of the Psych.E.In. project.There are 7 contractual partners and they are based in 6 different European countries.

Poland Poland

Project coordinator
Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce
ul. Żeromskiego 5
25-369 Kielce, Poland
Tel: +48 41 349 72 00
Web Site:

Partner Description
Jan Kochanowski University is a public higher education institution (founded in 1969) that makes extraordinary contributions to society through education, research and innovations. The quality of education at the university meets the highest European standards.

italy Czech Republic

Association of Clinical Psychologist
Ke Karlovu 455/2
128 00 Praha, Czech Republic
Tel: +42 0603481708
Web Site:

Partner Description
Asociace klinických psychologů České republiky z.s. (a.k.a. AKP ČR) is a professional organization whose main aim is to support the professional interests of clinical psychologists and to develop the field of clinical psychology.

italy Greece

Institute of Group Analysis Athens
S.Haralambi 1 & Mavromihali
11472 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 6435980
Web Site:

Partner Description
The Institute of Group Analysis Athens (I.G.A.A.) is a private, non-profit organization which was founded in 1982, is located in Athens and provides seminars, psychotherapy training, supervision and publishing activities in the Mental Health field.

italy France

Institut Alfred Adler de Paris
13, rue du Caire
75002, Paris, France
Tel: +32(0) 7 66 07 41 68
Web Site:

Partner Description
“Institut Alfred Adler de Paris” (IAAP) is a non-profit organization founded in 2015, inside the SFPA,and after in 2017 as independent Association and Institute. IAAP main purpose is to disseminate Alfred Adler’s psychological, psychoanalytical and philosophical body of work to a French speaking audience.

italy Italy

Associazione per l\'EMDR in Italia
Via Umberto I° 65
20814 Varedo (MB), Italy
Tel: + 39 0362558879 / + 39 3383470210
Web Site:

Partner Description
EMDR Italy Association is the official professional association of psychologists and psychiatrist experts who are trained in EMDR treatment for trauma. The Association establishes, maintains and promotes the highest standards of excellence and integrity in EMDR therapy practice, research and education in Italy and Europe.

italy Italy

Via Luigi Lanzi 12
50134 Firenze
Tel: +39 055 489700
Web Site:

Partner Description
Pixel is an education and training institution based in Florence (Italy). Pixel was founded in 1999. Pixel’s mission is to promote an innovative approach to education, training and culture, this is done mostly by trying to exploit the best potential of ICT for education and training. Pixel has a permanent staff of 15 people and a network of about 100 external professionals and trainers that cooperate with them on specific activities.

italy Slovakia

University of Presov
Ul. 17. Novembra 1
08001 Presov, Slovakia
Tel: +421 51 75 70 810
Web Site:

Partner Description
The University of Presov is a public university (higher education institution) in the Prešov self-governing region of Slovakia. The University was officially established by Act No. 361/1996 Coll. on 1 January 1997 as a division of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice.